We make #ideas

Everyone knows that building a business is hard. You’ll probably lose sleep. You may even feel like giving up. Here’s some free advice: don’t do that. Just remember that we’re here to make your life easier. We’ll do everything we can to help you build your business in whatever way we can.

At Hashtag, we combine the expertise and dedication of a traditional firm with the big vision and street cred of entrepreneurs. We’re as keen as you are about your journey, and we’re dedicated to bringing you the best resources that will help take your idea from dream to reality.


Every entrepreneur knows that there’s much more to startup life than ping-pong tables, idea walls and co-working. Hashtag has all the tools your business needs to start your business off on the right foot, including the perfect place to source your GIFs.


From setting up your business to taking on investment, our #StartupLawyers have the #experience and #skills to keep your startup covered on the legal front. No idea how to put together a shareholders agreement? We might know a thing or two, and will do everything in our power to help you get there.



Financial planning is key to your startup’s growth. Our #experts offer valuable guidance, along with accounting systems setup, DIY workshops & integration. Essentially all the stuff that you don’t have the time to do because you’re focusing on what matters most: your business.



If you could build a business on an idea alone, everyone would be Elon Musk. In reality it takes hard work and a lot of support. So, if you’ve got a killer idea that needs an overarching strategy, expert mentorship, legit marketing or specific know-how to give it legs, we can help. Our talented #experts will give you the exact tools to take your idea to the next level.




Ronen lives and breathes startups and is extremely passionate about developing and supporting an ecosystem in Australia, in which young people can thrive in non-traditional careers. After working as a suit and tie corporate lawyer for over 4 years, fed up with how professional services were being delivered to young entrepreneurs, in 2015 Ronen founded #CorporateAdvice.


Our resident frother, Jericho is at least 100% more excited than anyone else in the room at any given time. After spending seven years travelling the world in Red Bull’s international marketing team, innovation is practically her middle name.


Tessa developed her passion for startups as an in-house lawyer at one of Australia's leading property tech startups. Tessa loves learning in all forms and believes in the power of information. In her spare time, Tessa is a surfer, poet, podcast-addict and legal advisor to TEDxMelbourne.

#MEET Ben Hansky Legal Project Manager

Ben is a Legal Project Manager who heads up our not-for-profit and social enterprise practice. He loves the intersection of traditional business and impactful thinking and is a firm believer that innovation will drive positive social change.

#MEET Adam Milgrom Entrepreneur in Residence

Adam is a highly proficient strategist with over 10 years experience across a range of industries. He is an active investor in early stage Australian and International businesses.

#MEET Josh Sharma Startup Lawyer

Josh is passionate about all things tech and utilises this knowledge to provide valuable commercial insights to our clients. In his spare time he loves growing all manner of vegetables, making pickles and cooking.

#MEET Lilian Dikman Startup Lawyer

Lilian is all about protecting your brand. She’ll also get your contracts in order. After four years as a corporate intellectual property lawyer, she was general counsel at legal tech startup before joining the Luna team.


We might run a tech-based company, but we’re also 100% human. It’s one of the best parts about working with us. With bots and online-only services popping up left, right and centre it can be hard to actually talk face-to-face with startup experts. At # we prefer the experience of sitting down with you (preferably over a cold-drip coffee) and getting the work done. Book yourself in for a complimentary, no-obligations chat now.